Revolutionising the market with a new type of fridge

The fridge of the future is here! It will massively, easily and efficiently sell a massive amount of food and beverages in the future.


Pickio® for Smartvending, an intelligent refrigerator which represents a paradigm shift in the consumer experience when buying products from vending machines while reducing acquisition and maintenance costs compared to traditional equipment.


Integrating new technologies to create a new concept

With new versions of the most widely used frameworks and the use of socket communication channels, we obtain a seamless communication between fridge, server and mobile application. 

Full customizable

Unite several refrigerators in a single stand with a unique look and feel

We can make a fridge to suit the theme and colours of your establishment so it won’t look out of place anywhere.


It is also possible to combine fridges of different sizes and colours with other devices, such as a smart coffee machine, so that you have everything to hand.


Quality payment system services

Offer a truly secure solution. The Pickio refrigerator are only accessible when a customer presents a payment option.


In cooperation with the virtual payment platform Redsys, we offer the highest security in the payment method.